Federal investigation underway into the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office

After being subpoenaed by a federal grand jury, an investigation is underway into the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. City leaders in New Iberia say it’s about time.

Raymond Shoe Do Lewis, District 5 councilman with the City of New Iberia, says “The public is waiting as I am waiting to hear what the federal investigation tells us about this.”

Reverend Victor White Sr. has a person tie this investigation after his son was killed while in custody of Iberia deputies. Lewis is a longtime resident and councilman in New Iberia and says when incidents occur, such as the death of Victor White III, a power higher than the sheriff’s office has an obligation to further investigate the case. “I believe when you have violations of the law in the custodian’s hands, who is a sheriff its due.”

As probing continues into the sheriff’s office, Lewis has a message for his constituents- “Regardless to whatever the outcome of that investigation is we want to urge all people here in New Iberia calm. If protesting is going to happen, calm and peaceful protest.”

News 10 has reached out to the Iberia Parish sheriff’s office and according to officials after speaking with counsel they are refraining from comment.

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