Slidell mother arrested for murder of her newborn child

UPDATE:  Slidell Police have arrested a woman who is accused of throwing her newborn daughter in an apartment complex dumpster.

22-year-old Antwonetta Jones is being charged with second degree murder in the death of her newborn daughter.

Investigators say that Jones gave birth to the child sometime Sunday afternoon but told them that the child stopped breathing and she panicked putting the child’s body in the trash compactor of the apartment complex that she in…  The child’s body was discovered by a maintenance worker yesterday morning.

Detectives say that an autopsy of the baby girl showed that she was alive between 4 and 12 hours and still had the umbilical chord attached.

They also say that the child was definitely not stillborn.

Jones’ mother called police around 1 a.m. and told them that the baby belonged to her daughter.

Jones is currently being held in the Slidell City Jail, awaiting transfer to St. Tammany Parish Prison


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