Koryn Hawthorne: “There’s no place like home”

The Abbeville High School was the stage for an energetic homecoming for The Voice top five finalist singing sensation Koryn Hawthorn (17).

Hawthorns teacher Breanna Lewis says she can be described as humble, and even while in LA she’s been keeping up with her school work.

After arriving Hawthorn rushed through the doors of Abbeville High School and into the gym where she gave an inspirational message to the students and even got a surprise message of her own. The crowd got free pizza from Hawthorn’s hometown job and even got their very own concert when Hawthorn sang Stronger by Kelly Clarkson for them.

Hawthorne says, “I really feel the love and support. I know they vote and to be able to share this with them is a beautiful thing. I’m not just doing it for myself. I’m doing it for them too. The top five! What is that?! It’s crazy.”

As much as she loves performing in LA, Hawthorn says there’s no place like home. “I definitely miss food. I crave the worse things like crawfish. I want the bread. I want cracklin, and I don’t even eat it that much, but I want that so bad.”

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