Overcrowded schools in Lafayette Parish a topic for LPSB

Lafayette Parish School Board Member Dr. Tehmi Chassion acknowledges there are schools in the parish with empty classrooms and some overcrowded.  Dr. Chassion believes the simple solution is to do a “zone modification” or rezone. “There are kids that live directly across  the street from each other. One goes to Paul Breaux which you can see down the road and the other goes to Edgar Martin.  It just doesn’t make any sense,” adds Chassion.

Chassion believes the zone changes will help to fill empty classrooms and cut back on transportation costs. “There are just too many programs at some select schools which causes the overcrowding. We need to alleviate those. Every high school should be at about 1,500 kids.  Unfortunately Lafayette High plus 2,500 and Northside less than 800,” adds Chassion.

Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeaux says the intention is to have an open dialogue about conducting a study. She explains the last time the school district lines were looked at was about 15 years ago. “It has to happen. We are a progressive community. By 2020, there are supposed to be 90,000 plus people. If that is true, then we should be making plans for tomorrow, for next school year or whatever but make future plans,” explains Billeaudeaux.

A lot of parents are saying it’s overcrowded. Well ma’am to address the overcrowding we got to rezone,” adds Chassion. Billeaudeaux explains the goal Wednesday is to have an open dialogue about conducting a study.

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