Pay it Forward- Pastor Kelly Segura

KLFY News 10 is teaming up once again with Bob Giles and Giles Automotive to “pay it forward”, an initiative to give back to our community.

We set out to find a Good Samaritan and we give that person 500 dollars cash. We then challenge them to “pay it forward” by giving that money away to someone truly deserving.

Jeanie Richard was a little caught off guard but after careful consideration she came up with an idea and told us, “Ok, I know of somebody.” Jeanie decided the best thing to do with the money would be to give to someone who could use it to help others and to put that plan in motion, we headed to Family Life Church in Lafayette. When we arrived there, we met Kelly Segura, an associate pastor at Family Life Church in Lafayette. In his first years as associate pastor, Kelly Segura has made a lasting impression on the congregation.

Richard says, “He’s a young pastor and I know he’s very giving and thoughtful person, always helping others and I thought he could help others with that.  His love and compassion for people is what drives his desire to teach and preach god’s word.

Pastor Segura says, “You know you have a calling on your life and the lord calls you in the ministry and an opportunity opened up and so i knew it was the lord opening that door up. And then as I came on staff they just kind of showed me the ropes and showed how we do things. From pastoring, to preaching, to hospital visits, to funerals, to weddings, anything that’s needed, counseling, marriage counseling, we do everything.”

And all that service hasn’t gone unnoticed. This “pay it forward” was an unexpected blessing for a grateful servant.

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