Resident charged, apartment complex back to normal after recent disturbance

Lafayette, state police, and a bomb squad were on the grounds of Bell Downs Apartment complex over the past two days after a shooting and explosives were found which led to the evacuation of about 25 apartments.

As of Wednesday morning, residents have been given the all clear from officials.

Richie Stepp lives just a few doors down from Jacob Daigle, who allegedly fired several shots Monday night who says he heard “Constant shots… Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!”

On Tuesday afternoon, police executed a search warrant at Daigle’s home hoping to find the weapon used in the shooting. They found several guns and milItary-grade grenades, prompting them to evacuate the apartment complex and barricade the perimeter.

“I left yesterday morning for work and when I came home I wasn’t allowed to come in my house. It was an inconvenience because I’ve got medication I’ve got to take…stuff like that I couldn’t get.” said Stepp.

State police called in the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit out of Fort Polk to handle the grenades; they determined they were not live rounds.

Ravin Quebedeaux is the manager at Bell Downs and says Daigle lived there for nearly ten years, paid his rent on time, and was actually quite the comedian. Daigle was known to glue quarters to the drain and laugh as passing tenants attempted to pick them up. “It shocked a lot of people. The main thing is his past, he was ex military. I think he had a lot of built up emotions that after drinking they came out the wrong way.”

Daigle has been charged with illegal discharge of a firearm. He has not been booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center because he is being treated at a local hospital for reasons not being released to the press.

Management did serve Daigle with an eviction notice. Due to his current state, family is assisting with the moving process. News 10 spoke to them on the scene but they declined to make a statement.

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