Dial Dalfred- Some Broussard residents concerned about erosion near their homes

A large ditch that drains well is always appreciated in residential areas especially during times like the past couple weeks when Acadiana has had an exceptional amount of rain. With rain comes moving water with moving water comes erosion, causing problems.

Sharon Giddings has lived in a Broussard neighborhood for over 16 years. She chose not to get on camera in fear of upsetting neighbors or city officials while addressing this ongoing issue. Due to constant erosion of a nearby ditch, she’s had to unwillingly shrink her property by pulling back the fence line 6 years ago. “And you can see how much is already gone already and if this just gets worse and all the tree roots are popping up.”

Finally, after nearly 10 years, she went to the city for help. “I called, they said it was the city of Lafayette, and the city of Lafayette, I called them, and they said it was the city of Broussard. It was back and forth. So, there was nothing I could do, I can’t fight that.”

After not getting the help they were looking for, Sharon decided to dial Dalfred. News 10 then started in the city of Broussard to find out who exactly is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of this waterway. We went to city hall and requested to see a map of Broussard’s city limits. After sitting down with Mayor Charles Langlinais, we were to identify the problem, and come up with a solution.

Giddings says, “I wasn’t able to get anything done by myself so I figured when I saw you, I’d call you and see if anything could be done and you’ve helped tremendously because now we’ve got answers.

Broussard Mayor Charlie Langlinais tells us, after meeting with a surveyor, the city will be able to assess the damage, and begin to restore the ditch to its original form.

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