Duson to hire more police officers

The Duson Police Chief has a stack of job applications to fill four police officer positions. Chief Kip Judice says the Duson Town Council has approved a spending budget of $167,000.  “Just currently, there’s no one to look at anything beyond the initial response. When you get called out to a burglary a we get all the information about the burglary but I don’t have any officers to go and investigate that crime further,” explains Judice.

Judice says the department doesn’t have the required amount of staff to handle the incoming calls. In fact, Judice adds he had two officers working 12 hour shifts with little to no time off.  “We want to provide enough personnel to where we can have someone who can work on that burglary and attempt to identify the offenders and bring them to justice,” explains Judice.

Judice says he recently went to the council. The chief explains the council agreed to increase the police force to six. “We’re in the process of locating those individuals and bringing them on board to get them trained; so we can have a sufficient number of police in Duson to handle the number of calls.”

Duson Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux explains the need to do some hiring has always been there. Mayor Thibodeaux says he’s confident Judice can get it done. “I’ve been here five years and we have never at any time been fully staffed.  Never have we been fully staffed,” adds the mayor.

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