Eye on Scams: odometer fraud

Almost everyone has shopped for a used car and buying a used vehicle is always a big deal for most consumers. Savvy buyers spend days or weeks searching for the right vehicle at the right price to fit their needs.

When shopping for a used vehicle and during the buying process, a major consideration is the mileage on the pre-owned vehicle. Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana offers advice to help consumers ensure they are not taken by odometer fraud.

BBB alerts consumers that one in 10 American vehicles has a tampered or “rolled back” odometer, according to the Consumer Federation of America. According to Car Fax, a BBB Accredited Business, odometer fraud is one of the oldest automotive scams and the introduction of digital odometers has done nothing to halt it.

BBB offers the following tips to help consumers detect odometer fraud when purchasing a used vehicle:

  • Always check with BBB first.
  • Compare the mileage
  • Inspect the vehicle
  • Hire an expert to inspect

If you realize that you have bought a car with a rolled back odometer, report it to the Louisiana Office of the Attorney General at:


http://www.ag.state.la.us/Article.aspx?articleID=37&catID=0 .

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