Charter schools’ wait list grows

The Lafayette Charter Foundation serves as the board for both Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy and Lafayette Renaissance Charter Academy.  The foundation’s secretary Gifford Briggs says the schools combined have 716 names as of Wednesday. Acadiana Renaissance in Youngsville has 654 names.  Lafayette Renaissance in North Lafayette has 62.


Willow Charter Academy in the Northgate Mall is managed by National Heritage Academies (NHA). The organization says there are currently 67 students on the wait list for Willow Charter Academy. The 67 students are in grades first through sixth. “We take names off of the waiting list on a first come, first served basis which is based on when they submitted the application,” says Jennifer Hoff of NHA.


Vice President Carlos Harvin of the Lafayette Foundation explains that people waiting to attend their schools is proof of a job well done.  “Lafayette Renaissance Charter Academy and Acadiana Charter academy are meeting a need that is here in the Greater Lafayette area.”


Harvin adds the foundation will also use the lottery system in filling seats. “Type 2 Public Charter Schools are like any public charter it’s first come first serve.” “The parents have spoken and they’re happy,” adds Harvin.


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