Lake Arthur company continues work on Broussard sports park

Trahan Construction has been awarded the phase two contract of Broussard’s St. Julien Park. The city council accepted the company’s winning bid of 25 million Tuesday night.

During a walk through of the site, Project Manager Angie Leblanc showed off phase one, which included a soccer concession stand.

“We will have six soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts and pavilions once we complete phase two. A lot of pipe and underground work has to happen before the people can enjoy it,” she said.

City councilman, Johnnie Foco called the progression history in the making. Six years of work has boiled down to the Lake Arthur company taking over majority of the construction and slowly turning a dream into reality.

The park and future sports complex is financed by a half cent sales tax, approved in 2011. The projected cost has increased over the years from 27 million to between 32 and 34 million. Trahan Construction, also the contractor for the Youngsville Sports Complex, plans to present a bid for the final two phases of the project.

Foco explained the final two phases will consist of adding lighting, playground equipment and a recreational center.

The park is expected to be completed in late 2016.

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