Lipsticks raided by taskforce

(2nd press release):

On May 14, 2015, the Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force executed a search warrant on the premises of LIPSTICKS GENTLEMAN’S CLUB, located at 6157 Johnston Street. The search warrant followed an eight month investigation into criminal activity after agents received a tip from a confidential informant that a juvenile runaway was allegedly employed at Lipsticks Gentleman’s club as a dancer and was believed to be engaging in lewd acts and prostitution through the club and “Backpage” adds.

Based on the informant’s information, Metro Agents, working in an undercover capacity, began regular surveillance of the club and observed that some of employees and patrons were engaging in lewd acts that violated Louisiana’s obscenity and prostitution statutes, as well as open use of narcotics and underage sales of alcohol beverages. Undercover agents were able to arrange prostitution and drug deals on the premises determining that there was pattern of criminal activity inside and outside the club.

Surveillance by police officers and sheriff deputies discovered that customers included many known drug violators from the Acadian area.

In addition to the criminal activity in the night club, numerous fire codes, alcohol beverage permit codes and building code violations were observed. The structure of lounge appeared to be extremely rundown with mildew on some walls and blocked fire exits.

The juvenile, taken into custody early in the investigation by Lafayette Police Youth Services, was found to be a dancer at the club during the period that she was a runaway and was returned to her family.

During the May 14th raid, the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control issued the following citations:

4 counts – prostitution on the premise

18 counts – lewd acts on the premise

3 counts – controlled dangerous substances on the premise

1 count – failure to keep the premise clean and sanitary


The Lafayette Fire Department issued to the owner:

5 parish fire code violations

1 state fire code violation



On May 14, 2015, the Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force executed a search warrant on the premises of LIPSTICKS GENTLEMAN’S CLUB, located at 6157 Johnston Street. The issuance and execution of the search warrant follows an eight month investigation into criminal activity including drug distribution, prostitution, obscenity, possession of CDS, unlawful alcohol beverage sales to persons under 21 years of age, and keeping a disorderly place. Additional charges and the execution of arrest warrants are pending.

The investigation was a joint effort by the Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control, Lafayette Police Department, Lafayette Sheriff’s Department and assisted by the Lafayette Fire Department.

Arrested or Wanted in connection with this investigation are:

ARRESTED: Mohammed Ali Makki
Charges: Keeping a Disorderly Place, Obscenity (10 Counts)

Mohammed Ali Makki


ARRESTED: Cissy Rea Dugas
Charges: Unlawful Sale to Person under 21 (2 Counts)

Cissy Rea Dugas


WANTED: Outstanding Warrant Angel Marie Duhon

Charges: Prostitution (2 Counts) Obscenity (3 Counts)

Angel Marie Duhon


ARRESTED: Elizabeth Alford

Charges: Exotic Dancing without Permit


ARRESTED:  Christian Harris

Charges: Exotic Dancing without Permit


ARRESTED: Jessica Lynn Mackles

Charges: Obscenity (2 Counts) Distribution of Sch II

Jessica Lynn Mackles

Arrested: Warrant Jerlendra Michelle Teno

Charges: Obscenity

Jerlendra Michelle Teno

ARRESTED: Kristin Marie Mitchell

Charges: Obscenity (2 counts)

Kristin Marie Mitchell

WANTED: Outstanding Warrant Iry Ashante Duhon

Charges: Distribution of Schedule I, Conspiracy-Distribute Sch I, Prostitution Obscenity (2 Counts)

Iry Ashante Duhon





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