UL Lafayette student graduates with three degrees

Nicholas LaBry is a 22-year-old senior from Lafayette. On Friday, LaBry completed undergrad with three degrees.

He has one degree in Electrical Engineering, one in Physics and one in Chemistry, plus a minor in Math. Since high school, it was always his plan to tackle three degrees, and if he could’ve squeezed more into four years, he would have. “I’m just kind of interested in everything and the three degrees was my sort of narrowing down fields.”

After Friday’s ceremony, LaBry will have some down time before continuing his education. “I’ll be attending Rensseslaer Polytechnic Institute up in Troy, New York for graduate studies in multidisciplinary science. After that I plan to go into academic research”

Even with his demanding course load, Nicholas remained involved on campus. “I was on the quiz bowl team for a couple years, I competed on the IEEE Region 5 Robot Competition…which we won, yea!”

So, after four years of 24 credit semesters, summer school and 10 hour days in classrooms, News 10 asked Nicholas how he plans to spend his summer off. “Nothing, just kind of hang out, relax, spend time with friends.”

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