A behind the scenes look at the Cajun Heartland State Fair

Unlike amusement parks, state fairs like the Cajun Heartland State Fair have a lot of moving parts that require high maintenance and travel cross country.

From ferris wheels to carousels or roller coasters, a lot of work goes into making sure all of your favorite rides are safe.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of the ins and outs of making a state fair come to life:

The Cajun Heartland State Fair attracts thousands annually. Produced by North American Midway Entertainment and the Cajundome, the number one priority at the fair is safety.

While setting up the fair takes several days, it’s only half the battle.  Danny Menge, General Manager of North American Midway Entertainment says more than 70 trucks were needed to carry some of the rides from as far away as Florida and Mississippi.

From roller coasters and even the cutest children’s rides, the machines are high maintenance and need attention year round.

Each ride is inspected every day by North American Midway staff and state fire marshals.  Fair personnel are trained to operate their assigned rides. Menge says one of the biggest safety concerns is following the sizing chart for children. “There’s a size whiz at each ride which can help you can make more informed decisions about purchasing arm bands.”

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