Final day of school for all students at Trinity Catholic

After battling with financial woes over the past several years, Trinity Catholic Elementary School will be closing its doors for the final time on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to financial hardships, Trinity has seen a decrease in enrollment as well.

The Diocese of Lafayette issued a statement saying registration of 170 students was necessary by March 25th, unfortunately, they were not able to reach that number, or raise enough money to keep their doors open for another year.

As of Wednesday morning, parents were under the impression that Thursday, May 28th would be the final day of school. Around 2 pm on the 27th, parents received an email stating that Wednesday would be the last day for all ‘students’ at Trinity Catholic, which changed the long term plans of Carrie Pratt, mother of a first grader at Trinity Catholic Elementary School, “We were looking to have her go here until the ending of school which would have been eighth-grade.”.

Pratt says the news of the school closing was devastating, but after a lot of prayer, they were able to face the facts. “We have no choice but to move on and we did decide to keep her in the Catholic education. She will be attending St. Bernard school in Breaux Bridge.

Mary Jane Thomas has a grandson in the 4th grade at Trinity. She says attending the school has been tradition for their family. “My children went here, I went, all my grandchildren went! But Trinity, looks like they’re taking it away from us and that’s not right because I was school has been here too long.”

Like others, the plan is to continue the Catholic education, but the options are slim.

A statement from the Diocese spokesman, Father Richard Greene reads: The Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Lafayette will do its best to help teachers and staff find employment in other Catholic institutions.

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