Opelousas photographer giving back to community

A Opelousas photographer is giving back to the community in a special way.

She’s offering her services for free to children and adults with special needs and the program is named “One Good Shot: The Chelsea and Camille Project”.

Colligan says it all started after speaking to another mother of a special needs child. “She had said to me that she would like to have at least one good shot of her child that didn’t highlight her child’s disability. It made me think because I had felt the exact same way about my child.”

Colligan has had an eye for photography for over a decade and is the the mother of Chelsea Colligan (27), who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three.

“She has very bad startle reflexes so every picture she took, her hands would jump up in the frame so it occurred to me that there were a lot of mothers that felt the same way I felt so that why I’m doing this program,” says Colligan.

Colligan has a team of stylists set up and will photograph children and adults with special needs for one free photo shoot. The person leading the team will be professional model, Morgan Pete.

“We’re going to get their make-up done, their hair done, it’s just going to be a day full of fun,” says Pete.

Colligan says her goal is to make everyone feel like a prince or princess for a day. India Broussard (21) is diagnosed with down syndrome.

Broussard says she’s looking forward to the photo shoot. “Excited, excited. It feels so good.”

Colligan says she hopes to get this phase of the project up and running by June 14th.

If interested in participating log on to colligansphotography.com or call Michelle, 337-331-5734.

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