Grant brings change for some residents in St. Martin Parish

In a part of St. Martin Parish, residents have always used well water, some as long as 25 years. Thanks an $800,000 Community Development Block Grant, having to deal with “the pump” will soon be a thing of the past.

Lambert Goodie, a resident, says, “I’ve been here for 24 years and dealing with the well water has been really hard and complicated at times. The well breaks it’s hard to get someone that’s capable of repairing it.”

Other than costly repairs, those using well water constantly have to worry about clothes coming out of the washing machine, in worse condition they went in. Which is why Barbara Calais invested in bottled water at the home of her 86 year old mother because she feels it’s safer.

The well water will be replaced by Cecilia Water Corporation, and provide service to over 250 homes.

Councilman Craig Gregory with St. Martin Parish says, “We’ll now bring to fruition a dream that they had to provide God’s greatest gift to them in the form of water.”

Residents are looking forward to it.

Resident Goodie says, “No more yellow frames around the tubs for those who don’t have softeners, the hard water will be eliminated and your home pictures will finally be able to keep the shine and that you purchased them with.”

According to Councilman Craig Gregory, construction will begin following next week’s council meeting and is expected to be complete sometime around November of this year.

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