Iberia Parish Home Rule Charter Amendments pass council

The Iberia Parish Home Rule Charter could see it’s first update in nearly two decades after several ordinances passed the council on Wednesday night.

The proposed amendments include downsizing the Parish Council from 14 to 9 members and limiting office terms to 12 years. Other ordinances covered vacancies and compensation. Before Wednesday’s meeting, council member Troy Comeaux said theses issues aren’t new. “Most of them have been discussed in our community for many many years and we finally want to bring the opportunity to the voters and let them have a say.”

President and CEO Janet Faulk-Gonzales says the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce encourages residents to get involved in local government.  Now that the charter amendments have passed, it’s up to the community to vote. “Iberia Parish is just an extremely blessed community. It has an abundance of opportunity for job growth and creativity but it takes but it takes citizen involvement to help develop that and make it everything it can be.  That’s what the chamber is promoting, that we all get involved in making iberia a better place.”

Residents like Ashley Wwing, who says she votes every year, look forward to having a say in local government. “It’s an opportunity we can accept..to help New Iberia and get everything straightened out.”

Faulk-Gonzales says the proposed charter revisions are progressive. “We want a fresh look at government and that doesn’t take anything away from experience or tradition and history.”

Iberia Parish switched from a Police Jury to a Home Rule Charter in the mid 80’s.

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