Sacred Heart blue ribbon committee

Bishop Michael Jarrell of the Diocese of Lafayette, announced members of a Blue Ribbon Committee who will try to resolve the conflict at Sacred Heart School in Ville Platte.

Joseph Giglio, Jr., Camillle Domingue, Reverend Hampton Davis, Gene Lognion and Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mike Neustrom will all serve on the committee.

Committee Chairman, Joseph Giglio Jr., says they will begin to look into the matter immediately. “The five of us on the committee are meeting Thursday night to establish a schedule and protocol for receiving information from the interested stake holders.”

Bishop Jarrell met with the committee Tuesday night. In that meeting, they received instructions to give an unbiased recommendation once their research on the situation is completed.

Giglio is a life-long catholic and says it saddens him to see what’s unfolded. “As a product of Catholic school, I know it’s value. So I would like to see the issues resolved for the community so that they can support their church and school and the school and church can support them.”

Sacred Heart alumnus and parent, Jeffrey Sylvester, was one of the first to protest in front of the school. He and his fellow protesters are pleased to hear the committee was formed. “We’re not going to do anymore protesting because of this. In good faith, we’re going to allow the committee to do their job.” Sylvester says he and hundreds of others plan to give the committee as much information as they can. He and other protestors have pushed for the removal of Principal Diane Fontenot, claiming she drove away more than 80 staff members in the past five and-a-half years.

Father Jason Vidrine and Fontenot have pledged to fully cooperate with the committee.

“I think there should be one focus and that should be the the Catholic children that attend Sacred Heart School,” says Giglio. Giglio also says their goal is to have the process completed by June 30th with the findings revealed shortly thereafter.

Anyone interested in relaying their concerns to the committee can email:

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