Trinity Catholic graduates ‘cap’ off on graduation day and say their final goodbye’s forever

Trinity Catholic Elementary School held their final graduation Saturday morning at 10 am.

This comes after the recent decision to close down the school for good.

Today is history for my granddaughter and her classmates. said Margaret Robertson

Saturday morning Trinity Catholic Elementary celebrated its final graduation.
After being open for more than a century, the decision was made to close the school for good.
For many, attending the school was a family tradition.
Mary Bashay, grandmother of one of the graduates, says the day was filled with mixed emotions.

“The closing of the school, as much as it’s a bitter sweet experience i think that all of the generations of families that came through here. for any place for any institution to last for over a century and a quarter, i think speaks to as i said the tanasity, the resillience of people who believed in the quality of education and felt that this place made a difference of the lives of children.” said Bashay

The school was originally set to close on Thursday May 28th.
However, students and parents were notified a day earlier on Wednesday the 27th, that Wednesday would be the last day students would ever walk the halls of trinity catholic.
Graduate Bailee Batiste and her classmates say it makes them sad to see the school close.

“I’ll miss Trinity because it just went down. we have been here for too long for it to just go down now.” said Batiste

Saturday’s ceremony may mark the end of the school, but for students and faculity the memores made here will live on forever.

“For me, as I’m sure with most people who are here today. they leave with all of their experiences caught up in the tapestry of time.” said Bashay

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