Ragin’ Cajun fans cheer on the team from the Tigue

It was a beautiful day for baseball or at least for fans to come out to the Tigue and watch the Cajuns win the Houston Regional Championship.

Four year bat boy Evan Richard was among the fans at the Tigue.  Although he wasn’t fulfilling his regular game duties, Richard didn’t miss the chance to cheer for the team he hopes to play for one day. “It’s fun to see the players and have fun with them and high five them when they go up to bat…I’m happy for them.””

And his favorite player? “Tyler Girouard.”

For many people, Monday is usually the start of the work week, but that didn’t stop Alexa Thibodeaux. “I actually came yesterday for the game and when the game actually ended and we won I was really, really excited, and I texted my boss. I said “hey so tomorrow?” And he knows I’m a big Cajun fan so he just gave the okay right away and it was awesome.”

It’s been a bumpy ride for the Cajuns this season but loyal fans like Jim Deshotels have faith in the team. “It’s very exciting because at the beginning of the year we knew you know with freshmen pitchers  and coming off the season last year but hey they put it together and they’re gonna go!.”

And the Cajuns journey has lead them to a match up with the LSU tigers in Super Regionals.  But fans say they know where their loyalties lie.  Even Thibodeaux, an LSU alumna. “My loyalty is with UL. Being my alma mater is LSU it’s just a cool dynamic to play with and you know all in good fun. Great sport and we all have a great time.”

When a friend of Deshotels asks him what color he’ll be wearing to the Super Regional game, he says “What do you think, not purple and gold! Red and white of course!

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