Local Company Involved in Red River Relief Efforts

JohnPac, an industrial manufacturing company in Crowley stays busy during hurricane season, ready to provide thousands of sandbags at a moments notice.

And that was put to the test on Saturday when they got a call from the Governors Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Company CEO Mary Ellen Henry says they prepared 500 thousand woven polypropylene sandbags for Red River relief efforts.

“They wanted to know if we were open I said no but we can be! What do you need? So the clock started ticking really at that point and from about 1 o’ clock until really after 10 p.m. Saturday night it was all accomplished. The National Guard came and picked up the bags and they were off!.”

JohnPac makes sandbags year round and ships them all over the country.

Hurricane season is unpredictable but Warehouse Manager Kevin Gintz says the company is always ready to get the job done.

“You just make it happen there’s really now being prepared I mean we have the bags we have the people we just have to get it done in whatever time that’s allotted to us to do that.”

The company works with the State, Department of Defense and the Army Corp of Engineers.  They’re always on standby but more than willing to jump through hoops to help Louisiana.

“I’m proud of our state. I’m proud of our coworkers and  it feels good to feel like you’re contributing to give something back to help the folks that are most in need.” says Henry.

Gintz adds, “This is not new to us.  Around this time of the year we get a lot of these on the snap sandbag orders. So it feels good to not only help louisiana but you know, anybody.”

JohnPac is capable of running 40 bag weaving machines for 24 hours non stop.

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