New NCAA Basketball Rules for 2015-16


Here’s a list of all the rule changes as released by the NCAA:

Men’s Basketball Changes:

  • Shot clock reduced from 35 to 30 seconds … The shot clock was last reduced from 45 to 35 for the 1993-94 season.
  • Teams will have one fewer team timeout (only 3 can carry to second half. Officials will be asked to resume play quicker after timeouts.
  • Team time outs called without 30 seconds of a timeout window will now become the media timeout (used in women’s basketball last year).
  • A coach may not call timeout when the ball is live.
  • With a few exceptions, 10 seconds only to advance the ball to front court.
  • Reducing time to replace disqualified player to 15 seconds.
  • Expansion of restricted-area arc from 3 to 4 feet. Continued focus on reducing collisions at the basket. Games in Postseason NIT were played with 4-foot arc.
  • During use of video to determine flagrant foul, rule will allow officials to penalize players who fake fouls.
  • Officials may use monitor to review potential shot clock violation throughout entire game.
  • Class B technical (hanging on rim, delaying game for example) now 1-shot technical.
  • Eliminating the five-second closely guarded rule while dribbling the ball.
  • Dunking allowed in pregame warmups and at halftime.
  • Experimental rule – six personal fouls in 2016 postseason tournaments other than NCAA (i.e., NIT, etc).

Women’s Basketball Changes:

  • Four 10-minute quarters replacing two 20-minute halves … Bonus is two free throws on the fifth foul of each quarter.
  • Teams may advance ball to frontcourt following a timeout immediately after a made basket, rebound or change of possession, in the final 59.9 seconds of the fourth quarter and any overtime.
  • Panel approved a new rule that allows defenders to place a forearm or open hand with a bend in the elbow on an offensive post player with the ball whose back is to the basket.
  • Bands or amplified music may be played during any dead-ball situation during a women’s basketball game. Previously, rules allowed music to be played only during timeouts and intermission.
  • There are some time out rules with the game now in quarters and a proposal that recommended that in the last two minutes of the game, officials can determine whether a shot-clock violation occurred by looking at when the clock runs down to zero in addition to listening for when the buzzer sounds. These will be discussed in a conference call on June 24.


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