Fishing regulations and Boater safety

As summer-time approaches many Acadiana residents will resort to an old past time for fun and relaxation. But before you cast, Henderson Lake, during summer days, as many as one thousand boats may be out on the water at once. To ensure everyone enjoys themselves, there are a few guidelines to be followed.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries issues updated regulations each year, to keep the public aware of what’s a good catch, and what may land you on the hook of the law.

Henderson Mayor, Sherbin Collette says, “There’s limits on all fish and some of them are lengths, bass, the only game fish that you need to measure that’s at least 14 inches. They’re real simple, they are real easy to follow and people can do it and it’s not depriving them of anything at all.”

Red Snapper season begins on June 1st and ends June 10th at midnight. Which gives the average nine to fiver about two weekends to snag only snappers at a minimum of 16 inches. Unfortunately, the 10 day span isn’t prime fishing time for Henderson’s mayor of 12 years.

“I miss out on it every year. It’s a time of season when I’m pretty busy and I just can’t make it to go out.”

Mayor Collette says boaters can cause advanced erosion by speeding in certain areas of the lake; which is why it’s vital to respect to the no wake zones.

“The most important thing is to use your common sense. Be safe! If you’re going to a place and there are boats crossing and all of that, you’re not sure which way the waves are coming, they’re coming from different directions just slow down! Your fishing spot is still going to be waiting for you but at least you’re going to get to it.”

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KLFY Dalfred Jones


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