Residents excited about the re-opening of Perry Bridge in Vermilion Parish

After months of commuters having to take an alternate route and businesses taking huge losses due to its closing, the Perry Bridge has been reopened.

In December of 2014 the Department of Transportation and Development closed the Perry Bridge to make necessary repairs, but during construction, businesses like C and J’s Outfitters felt the lack of traffic in their wallets.

Cori Broussard with C and J’s Outfitters & More says, “Before the bridge was closed and while the bridge was closed it was night and day. I mean, pretty much business was almost cut in half if not more.”

During the nearly seven month stretch of no bridge access, residents we forced to take the scenic route.

Residents like Jarel Broussard say, “The business like where we are today that I frequent pretty often, being roughly 1 mile from my house it would take me let’s say 15 to 20 minutes to get all the way around.”

Repairs to all motors on the draw bridge and the replacement of 17,000 feet of wiring were completed before the expected deadline at a cost of just over one million dollars. The bridge officially reopened on June 10th and business at C and J is rolling once again.

Cori Broussard says, “Definitely a lot better than it was with the bridge was closed. It’s what we want to see! We have a lot of passion behind what we do here, that’s the main reason we have it.

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