Acadiana residents shocked by the tragedy in Charleston

Many people think of church as a safe haven.  A peaceful place of worship and fellowship, not the scene of a violent crime.

Andromedia, a local resident, says “What can you say when something like that is happening around the world and it just doesn’t feel good to know that. Me personally I go to church to get my mind right and they were doing the same.”

Charleston may be miles from Lafayette, but news of the church massacre is shocking for local residents.

One resident says, “That just makes my heart drop you know because that is one of my favorite pastimes especially on Sunday and even in bible study when the crowd isn’t as big just to go and get that peace that renewal that you need.”

Leslie Burley says “My heart and my spirit just goes out to these God-fearing Christian, law abiding citizens trying to set an example do something right in their lives.”

The tragedy raises the question of how someone could commit such a crime.

William says, “There has to be something someone somewhere that put such hate in his heart towards people, you’re not born like that.”

Burley adds, “The audacity! A wolf dressed in sheepskins clothing and waiting at the right minute to make the attack as a snake would do.”

And although the incident may discourage some church goers, people of faith say it’s time to rely on God more than ever.

Stephanie Maynard says “Keep believing, keep going to church do the right thing. The bible tells you you have to forgive to be forgiven so I believe that is a very big principle you should implement in life.”

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