Parents, residents react to rezoning plan for Youngsville, Broussard schools

On Wednesday LPSS approved a spot rezoning plan that will force over 180 students to relocate from Youngsville to Broussard schools.

The school board approved a spot modification rezoning plan for students in the Youngsville area to Broussard for over population. While some residents disagree with the plan, others think it’s the best solution.

Before the meeting, school board member Jeremy Hidalgo said he was aware many parents were not happy with the decision. Hidalgo said board members took recommendations from staff members at the affected schools and says the board felt rezoning was the best solution. “It’s simply about the fact that we don’t want schools to be over crowded. We do not want to have to move Butler buildings back to Youngsville we just got rid of them. We do not want to have higher teacher people ratios in Youngsville when you have higher class sizes you’re lowering the possibility for a higher education.”

The zoning change will move about 110 students from Green T. Lindon Elementary in Youngsville to Kathryn Drexel Elementary school in Broussard.

About 80 students from Youngsville Middle School to Broussard Middle School.

Ron Hayes wife is a teacher in Youngsville and says this past school year she had more students than ever before. “My wife and I and our family have been in the Youngsville area for about fifteen years and she’s a teacher at Youngsville Middle for fifteen years, and I do know the over crowding situation with Youngsville. I do agree with the fact that they are going to rezone and try to relieve the teachers.”

Hayes says in addition to helping the teachers, relocating students will also ensure the students are receiving a better education with a smaller teacher to student ratio. “People do move to this town it’s a beautiful town, great schools, its developing well. But unfortunately if they don’t build more schools in Youngsville like they should then that’s the really only other route to relieve the teachers in the schools. I hate to see it but I mean its what’s best for the students.”

The spot zone modification will go into effect this August when school starts.

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