United Way holds annual “Day of Action”

The United Way Day of Action brought together over 500 volunteers to impact the lives of young people around Acadiana.

The United Way of Acadiana held its annual day of action Friday. Forty-one volunteer teams made up of local businesses, organizations, and community members took part.

The United Way’s mobilization coordinator Chelsey Roberie says the event helps local shelters and families in need, and teaches young people the importance of helping others. “It’s so important to teach children life skills. Teach them about things that are going on around them. Some of our projects like the shoe box project and our fitness project are going to be benefiting local shelters and families in need, and it really gives the children a sense of community, to give back to those who are less fortunate than them.”

Many of the projects taught children different life lessons. They covered things like the power of reading, the importance of learning, and how to budget money.

Kim Ledet, the retail group manager of Iberia Bank, says the best way to impact the community is through the children. “You know start small. so Iberia Bank is very excited about participating in community activities, especially when it’s involving money and educating our youth.”

Roberie says the United Way hopes the “Day of Action” grows larger every year so they can teach even more children how to help others and be more well-rounded.

For more information on how to volunteer go to unitedwayofacadiana.org.

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