Franklin, La Church holds candle light vigil for South Carolina shooting victims

Saturday evening a local church held a candle light vigil in memory of those who died in the recent shooting in south Carolina.

In the wake of a national tragedy, one local community is coming together to pay their respects to the victims of the South Carolina shootings.

On Wednesday June 17th, 21 year old Dylann Roof opened fire at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina killing nine people. This tragic incident has sent shock waves throughout the nation. On Saturday many churches across the U.S. held services to remember the victims and their families. Pastor Carl Lewis of Triumph Baptist Church in Franklin said it was important to come together right away.

“Even though we are not with them in the physical sense we are with them in spiritual because as sisters and brothers of the lord we feel their pain we feel their hurt and so therefore we came together tonight to pray and ask god for healing .” Said Lewis.

Roof appeared in court on Saturday. He is being charged with nine counts of murder. According to officials the shooting is being classified as a racially motivated crime. Pastor Lewis and the other members who attended the service light candles in remembrance and prayed.

“If there is going to be a difference if a change is going to happen and the only way it can happen is when people decide to come together. Not nationality not creed, not color but realize that everybody is somebody.”” Lewis said.

While the vigil remembered the victims, attendees also took time to pray for the shooter.  “Deliverance and Restoration not only for the family there but this entire nation. Including the young man who committed this violent act.””

Pastor Lewis says the only way for a nation to heal after a tragedy like this communities need to stand together.

KLFY Carly Laing



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