Vermilion Parish animal rescue group in need of community help

The Animal Aid of Vermilion area currently has over 150 animals in their care.

One volunteer, Tammy Watkins, says she has 46 of them on her own and says they are desperately in need of help. “I have 41 cats and I have five foster dogs plus, three of my own. We have another girl who’s got 32 cats, six dogs of her own, and I think six or seven fosters and now that’s just two of us.”

Watkins began fostering animals when she realized how great of a need there was for help.  AAVA is a non-profit rescue group with over 20 volunteers helping to care for the dogs and cats that are in need of homes.

Sadie Choate says over the past year, they have saved a number of animals from the vermilion parish animal control center. “The shelter has not had to euthanize since March of 2014. We have worked together with the police jury to make that happen.”

Choate says it is a group effort to save the rescue animals. She says more are entering the shelter each week. AAVA is need of funds and volunteers to keep up with the rising numbers.

Choate says, “We always need cat food, dog food, and cat litter. That can be brought to PetSmart every Saturday. I feel like we’re going to lose our battle soon if the public doesn’t become aware of what’s happening in Vermilion Parish.”

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