Increase in sales at one local business regarding Confederate flags

As a sign of patriotism some Americans proudly hang the American flag outside of their homes. Some others, the flag of the Confederate Army,  they display just as proudly as it’s a part of their history.

Linda Randolph, Owner of Dixie Surplus, says, “Its part of our heritage, it’s part of the history of the South. So, you can’t just rewrite history and get away with it.”

Linda has been in business for 25 years. Most of the sales consist of camouflage clothing and military-like items. But due to the recent controversy surrounding the confederate flag, sales at Dixie Surplus have gone through the roof! “This week has been very, very busy. We’ve run out of flags, we reordered flags and license plates and stickers, we’re completely out!”

Some retailers have stopped selling the confederate flag, but Randolph has no intention to follow the trend. “As long as it’s available, we’ll sell them.”

Randolph sells a variety of flags, she says the confederate sells well, but it’s not the top seller. “It’s always the US one. The state flags as well but the Confederate flag still sales. It was very hard finding a vendor that still had some in stock to ship.”

In response to the protest, some major retailers have removed the confederate flag from their shelves. Try doing a Google search for Confederate flag under the shopping tab you won’t find any results.

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