Marriage licenses halted in La for same-sex couples

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages and many are now wondering how soon can they obtain a marriage license.

“All I wanted was the marriage license to add to my partner for 18 and a half years,” said Earl Leger, Hub City Resident.

St. Landry Parish Clerk of Court, Charles Jagneaux, said it could be another few weeks.

“Even though it’s the law of the land, at this point we, meaning the Louisiana Clerk of Courts Association, will probably not issue any same-sex marriage licenses until all appeals are exhausted which is at least 25 days,” said Jagneaux.

Louisiana Attorney General, Buddy Caldwell, is condemning the ruling saying it is an intrusion into what should be a state issue.

He said a number of gay couples have been showing up at Louisiana courthouses seeking marriage licenses.

Caldwell said it is not necessary to begin issuing licenses immediately until this waiting period is over.

Leger married his partner in Oklahoma City last year.

He was overjoyed to hear their marriage would be recognized in Louisiana until, he was told it wouldn’t happen right away.

“I called everybody to even try to change my name and they said I could. I went to try to change it and they said I couldn’t,” said Leger.

As many same-sex couples are heading to state courts, Jagneaux said it had been surprisingly quiet at his office.

He said he does have one concern about the ruling.

At this point, Jagneaux is not sure if the rules in issuing state marriage licenses will be different.

“Is the state going to change it to show there’s a same-sex couple and who’s going to be the groom and who’s going to be the bride. How are they going to designate that? and will they leave it up to the participants, the people that are getting married?,” said Jagneaux.

Jagneaux said they’re just waiting for what changes are to come.

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