Lafayette High School’s overcrowding problem may soon be resolved

Photo Credit: KLFY

How to solve Lafayette High School’s overcrowding problem may soon be resolved. Lafayette Parish School Superintendent, Dr. Don Aguillard will present a $100,000 proposal to the school board on Wednesday.

Dr. Aguillard wants to hire an architect or architectural firm to do a feasibility study.  Aguillard calculates the school is housing more students than what it was built to.

The superintendent says the school was built for no more than 1,600 students. Aguillard here are 2,400 hundred students and 300 adults assigned to work on campus. Some parents would agree it’s time to do something. “It’s a big school. It probably needs more room and more classes. It’s a good school just needs more room,” adds Lafayette High Parent Laurie Fontenot .

“If we wanted to replace Lafayette High School, is there a way or mechanism where we could rebuild on the existing facility site,” notes Dr. Aguillard. The superintendent says about five years ago the school district had a master plan put together. Aguillard explains that proposed plan for a new Lafayette High was priced at about $109 million dollars.

“Using inflation over the last 1/2 dozen years, it would be interesting to see what the architect comes back with in terms of an anticipated cost,” says Aguillard.

The superintendent says the board recently approved $65 million to build a new south Lafayette high school. Aguillard figures the extra school will mean the number of students at Lafayette High could change – another factor to consider in the feasibility study.

“The question will be what would be the ideal for Lafayette High, Comeaux High, the new south Lafayette high?”

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