Momentum of Hollywood South could slow down after state tax credit cap

Hollywood South has made its mark on the film industry in recent years, but that momentum could change with the passing of a state film tax credit cap.
California before this legislation was passed was literally gunning for Louisiana we want our business back from Louisiana that means we were extremely successful to the point that California wanted to bring their business back to their state when you have that type of success it’s something that you don’t want to necessarily give away.
Marcus Lyle Brown, producer of the film, ‘Dirt Road to Lafayette’, has more than 20 years of experience in the film industry and has worked on more than 70 films.  Brown says the impact of the tax credit cap remains to be seen, but Louisiana will likely lose its competitive edge. “There are rumors that television shows that were looking at Louisiana are now looking elsewhere I know that some individuals who are working on this project had some opportunities coming up and it sounds like those projects that they were going to shoot in Louisiana are now looking at Canada or Georgia.”
Brown has had the unique opportunity of working on several major films, with a significant amount of that work happening right here in Louisiana. “You’ve got great culture you’ve got great food, great people. You’ve got a great color and flair but at the end of the day crew members cast members enjoy being in this community.”
Brown says the industry has the potential of creating thousands of jobs. It generates a strong tax base…and it’s that unique opportunity that he and others in Louisiana don’t want to lose.
There’s a lot of value here and we certainly want to keep that momentum going so that we can remain competitive and provide individuals an opportunity to pursue this industry from home so they that they don’t have to think that “I have to go to California or New York if I want to be in the entertainment industry” the entertainment industry is here we just want it to stay here.”

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