Erath July 4th celebrations

Communities across Acadiana are celebrating Independence Day. One particularly special Fourth of July event was held in the town of Erath.

Local fire departments and the town of Erath didn’t let the rain keep them from from their annual Fourth of July water fights.

Saturday morning Erath kicked off their Fourth of July celebration with their annual water fights.

Volunteer fire departments from around the area come together each year to participate in the event.

Volunteer firefighter, Kyle Toups says the fights have been a local favorite for many years.

“Growing up I watched my uncle. He was in the Erath fire department for a long time and its been something I’ve always wanted to do.”” Said Toups.

Firefighters from Erath, Leblanc, Henry, and d

Delcombre all participated in the event.

The fights have become a source of bragging rights among the firefighters.

For the last six years Leblanc has held first place, but their winning streak was cut short after Saturday’s contest.

Toups says he is proud Erath holds the title once again.

“It’s very competitive every year. And we put a good strategy together and a good team together and Erath placed first this year.””

The water fights aren’t just fun for the firefighters.

The community has grown to love the friendly competition as well.

Jeanneavery Chauvin says she loves watching the excitement evrey year.

“Like how they squirt water on each other. It’s like one big water park.”” Said Chauvin.

Toups says the annual event helps unify all the local fire departments.

“It shows the community how the departments around this area work together very well. We keep it good between all the departments and everything will go real well.”” Said Toups.

This is the sixty-ninth year the town has held the Fourth of July water fights.

KLFY Carly Laing 

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