Students & administrators react to tuition increase at UL Lafayette

Students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette can expect to pay about $700 more in tuition and fees this fall.
In-state and undergraduate students with 12 credits will pay $4,128 a semester. The University of Louisiana System Board also approved a new general and auxiliary fee of $28.58 per credit hour. Many students juggle work and school.
Valerie Williams, a senior Public Relations major at UL Lafayette says, “Now that’s it’s kind of going up its a little hard on me being that I’m kind of paying for school right now. So, it just makes me want to finish school quicker and get out as soon as possible.”
Daniel Mire, also a senior at UL, is a Biology major. He says, “I don’t make a lot of money as it is I have two jobs already and I got school on top of it and I volunteer as well so I mean there’s not a lot of time for me to go out and get more money and I don’t get a lot of loans or scholarships as it is.”
The good news is UL Lafayette is still considered affordable by Southern Regional Education board standards. UL Lafayette’s Vice President of Enrollment Management, Dr. Dewayne Bowie says the tuition increase will help strengthen the school’s academic core.  Along with increasing financial assistance for need based students and merit based scholarships. He says overall, it’s about improving the UL Lafayette experience. “In order for that to happen you have to have the right faculty the right facilities the lab space and all those types of things and this money is going to be used to help us to sure up in those areas so that we can proved be support and the faculty support that they need in order to graduate on time.”


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