Calvin Breaux, recipient of Lafayette Roofing Veterans Roof Giveaway

One local Korean War veteran was this year’s recipient of Lafayette Roofing veteran’s roof giveaway.

Calvin Breaux is this year’s veteran roof giveaway recipient.  Earlier today Lafayette roofing was out here in the sun installing Mr. Breaux’s new roof.

Breaux is a Korean War veteran.  He was born in Lafayette in 1930.  In 1947 he was drafted and became a soldier in the U.S. army where he served for four years.  While at war, he was wounded in combat.  Shrapnel pierced parts of his body.  Breaux went on to become an auto mechanic and worked at hub city ford for 50 years.  He’s been married to his wife Mary Grace Willis for 60 years.

JD Martin, co-owner of Lafayette Roofing and project manager is a veteran himself.

The company looks forward to helping out local veterans every year.

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