Wandering toddler reunited with parents, after near miss on LA 754

Around 8:45 Friday morning the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call reporting a lost child. The little boy was found wondering down Highway LA 754 near Tori Logan Lane where two vehicles almost hit the toddler.

Residents heard car horns blow and were shocked to see what they found.

“My girlfriend comes in the house screaming there’s a kid walking down 754. Ms. Stacy almost hit him,” says resident Daniel Wilson.

After the child was safety taken off the street neighbors went door to door trying to find the parents. When that didn’t work they called the sheriff’s office.

Lt. Clay Higgins says the child was in the care of a young baby sitter when he wondered off. “The detective came across a very upset teenage baby sitter that was trying to find the child.”

Daniel Wilson and his girlfriend watched the toddler at his home until juvenile detectives arrived. He says the boy seemed very calm. “Like nothing was going on. just a little kid. little kid eating fruit loops.”

The detectives took the child and baby sitter to the sheriff’s office. Although the incident shocked a lot of people in the community, Higgins says situations like this happen all the time.

“The point is it can happen. the best of parents can turn their back for a moment and loose a child. We would hope that it would never happen, and we’re very glad that this incident had a happy ending, says Higgins.

The child has now been reunited with his parents.






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