5K for Diabetes held in New Iberia

A local family with relatives in California came together this weekend in New Iberia for a reunion.

The family decided to make the weekend special by raising money for a good cause. The Louisiana/California Reunion group held a 5K walk for diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The walk began Saturday morning at 8:30 at West End Park in New Iberia. The goal was to have some family fun and raise money for diabetes and Alzheimer’s research.

A local member of the reunion and founder of the Diabetic Kitchen, Nathaniel Mitchell  says he wanted to try something new for this year’s reunion. “I offered them the opportunity to do a walk, a 5K walk. And the they agreed and that’s why we’re here this morning.”

 The group collaborated with the Diabetic Kitchen to put on the event. The kitchen is a diabetes support and management group. Their goal is to help educate those who are affected by diabetes.

According to Mitchell 26 million people live with diabetes in the U.S. He says he wants to raise awareness because diabetes is disease that affects everyone. “We use that opportunity to reach out to the community. To help those who are confused, both the diabetics, dementia, Alzheimer, and those persons who are care givers, which is every bit as important.”

 The reunion brought in friends and family from across the United States, all whose roots were planted here in Louisiana.

Mitchell says the family was happy to be back home. “We have Texas, we have of course California represented. I spoke with someone this morning from South Carolina. We’re looking good as far people coming back home and coming out.”

 Mitchell says the reunion group was happy their fellowship was able to help contribute to a greater cause.

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