Acadiana residents react to possibility of lower gas prices after Iran nuclear deal

The Iranian nuclear deal is expected to bring gas prices down by as much as two dollars a gallon by the end of the year. Acadiana residents say they’re looking forward to the lower prices.

“It’ll be a boost for us in the working class and those that rely on gasoline prices to be at a pretty even balance,” Lafayette resident Chantelle Trahan told KLFY.

Chantelle Trahan and her husband Horace own a local lawn care company here in Lafayette. They say they spend about thirty-dollars every day on gas for the company.

Horace Trahan says although the lower prices seem good now, he isn’t so sure about the long term effect it’ll have on Acadiana, “when they say the gas prices will go down around here it affects the local industry, oil industry. If the local industry gets affected it trickles down to everybody in the local economy.”

The issue hits very close to home for him, making the price drop bittersweet.

“My brother in law works in the oil industry and If they start getting laid off it affects our economy in a bad way. As long as local people are making money they’re spending money locally, if they ain’t making money it makes it hard for all of us,” Horace Trahan told KLFY.

Lakisa walker lives in Lafayette. She’s a single parent and with the cost of gas being so high she could definitely use a break, “back and forth to school, I mean vacation bible school, and all of the other activities that they have going on in the summer it costs. Being a single mother I have to make it as best as I can and gas is one of my biggest expenses.”

Experts say the price drop is expected to come in small increments, not one small sudden drop.

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