Forum held for candidates running for Lafayette Parish Sheriff

The four candidates running for Lafayette Parish Sheriff spent the evening at the Fontana Center discussing what they hope to achieve if elected and answering questions from the public. Each candidate brought something different to the table.
Candidate John Rogers says, “Working in administration, hand in hand, policy changes.”
Another candidate, Chad Leger, says, “Working a budget learning the operations and understandings of state legislative auditors… working with the mandates that meet the criteria of being a chief and running a police department.”
Rick Chargois says, “I was the second youngest ever hired in state police and it was a life long goal and a life long dream fulfilled. I was able to devote my life to public safety services.”
Mark Garber says, “As a secret service agent, as an OSI agent, I saw the value of intelligence gathering of using technology to do more with existing resources .”
In the question and answer period, several issues were raised, including overcrowding in the parish jail, juvenile intervention in the school system and law enforcement transparency.
Garber asks, “Do we need to watch and monitor our police and be critical? Absolutely. The police work for all of you the sheriffs office works for all of you. They’re your public servants.”
Although each candidate has a different approach to solving issues in Lafayette Parish. They all agreed the expansion of Sheriff Mike Neustrom’s correctional and rehabilitation programs is a priority.
Leger says,” They raised the bar in law enforcement and across the state of Louisiana as well as the United States with his accreditation and everything else.”
Elections are October 24th.

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