Some yard signs violate Lafayette city laws

Four months ago, the Lafayette Consolidated Government hired a Litter Coordinator for its beautification program “Project Front Yard.” William Reil reports to have collected 1,700 yard signs from public spaces – otherwise where it shouldn’t be.

LCG Chief Development Officer Carlee Alm-Labar. “Signs are over in the right of way and causing our community to look cluttered. We were able to find someone to take care of that. That’s his full time job,” notes Alm-Labar.

The Lafayette Consolidated Department of Planning, Zoning and Development explains the general rule is to work with the person improperly placing the signs. If that effort is not successful, then the issue goes to the city prosecutor for the courts to address. “The goal of project front yard is to empower people to go and be the change they want to see in their community,” adds Alm-Labar.

Cydra Wingerter is the Assistant to City-Parish President Joey Durel. “The outward appearance of our community affects a number of things including business recruitment families who want to relocate here,” says Wingerter.

If someone throws litter from a moving vehicle, that can be reported. Call the litter hotline with the license plate number, general vehicle description and the day and time it happened.

LCG Codes says the courts can assess a fine not to exceed $100 or not more than 30 days jail time – or both – for each and everyday such a violation continues. To report littering call (337) 291-7000.

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