4×4 Workouts

Weight loss is really simple, More calories out, than calories in. We want to focus on exercises that burn the most calories. Here are 4 of the most intense fat burning, fat blasting exercises we came up with.

  1. Start with dumb bell push presses. Choose a pretty heavy dumbbell.  Start with dumbells at your shoulders,  so start the squat, but don’t go to far down, it almost a half squat, so you want to go quick on the way down, and quick on the way up, as you press up, you want to go up on the balls of your feet, don’t let your feet leave the floor.


  1. Our next exercise is an alternating split lunges on the stability ball.   So place the top of your back foot on the center of the ball, and as you drive your hips down toward the floor, allow the ball to roll back, as we reach a 90 degree at our front knee.


  1. Next we move to shin slaps.   Start with your legs extended and feet 6 inches off the ground, make sure that your back doesn’t over arch, hands are extended above head, now we will crunch up extending our arms and slapping our shins, then slowly returning to our beginning position, keeping your head, shoulders, and feet from touching the floor.


  1. Our last exercise is a SQUAT BURPEE.  Start with butt down and back – just above knees. Chest up. Abs braced. Arms forward, directly out from shoulders. Jump feet back – keeps abs braced. Hands under shoulders. Back long, and strong and straight. Jump on return – soft knee landing.

Remember to run through the exercise consecutively with minimal rest, then rest maximum of 2 minutes. Repeat the series of 4 exercises 4 times. Pace yourself but make sure its intense enough and remember to keep fitness first!

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