How to keep your electricity bill down during the summer heat

With 61 days left of summer here in Acadiana, News 10 has some tips on how to keep your bills cool during the heat. Some ways to stay cool while saving money are by wearing lighter clothes around the house, leaving shades and curtains shut during the peak hours of sunlight, and using ceiling or box fans. It is also important to remember to turn them off when they’re not in use.

Mary Laurent, the Communications Manager of SLEMCO says turning the thermostat up to at least up to 78• to keep bills at a minimum. She also tells News 10 that one of her ways of staying cool during the summer is by eating lighter meals and plenty of fruits.

Mike Bares, the General Manager of CLECO’s Southern District in New Iberia says a big money saver is making sure any holes or crack in windows or doors are sealed up or weather stripped. He says this will help keep cold air on the inside and keep the hot air outside.

Mary Laurent says SLEMCO focus this time of the year is to help people keep their bills from going up any higher than they have to. She also stated that bills are all going to go up with no matter who your electric company during the summer. Cooling and heating makes up 60% of the utility bill.

Val Senegal, a mother of three says she’s seen about a 25% increase in her bills when her kids are home for the summer and she is looking forward to her kids starting school again and for her bills to go down. Val says her family is able to turn up the thermostat during the school year once they leave home. As of now, their air is constantly running.

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