Reactions to the Grand Theatre shooting

Photo courtesy: The Advertiser

Reactions on social media are flowing in as news spreads of the shooting at Lafayette’s Grand Theatre. Three people were killed, including the gunman, and seven people were injured.

  1. .@NRA Let me guess: the shooting just goes to show that people should be required to carry automatic weapons in cinemas ?

  2. , , . Heartbreaking…too much. Too many guns too easily gotten by psychos.

    Retweeted by The Angry Inch
  3. another shooting??.. wow wth is happening

  4. We don’t need gun control, we more guns so people can stop people like this in their tracks.

    Retweeted by Greg McKay
  5. Meanwhile our elected officials are very concerned about

    Retweeted by Casey Anthony
    1. .@SDickersonTDA & @JGoffTDA report more ambulances are arriving at scene. They’re awaiting another briefing

    Long night in Louisiana.

    Retweeted by Casey Ardoin
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