City Parish President says community’s reaction to tragedy has been textbook

Photo: KLFY

A vigil was held at the farmer’s market at the horse farm for the victims involved in Thursday night’s shooting.

The vigil opened with a  moment of silence and the ringing of a bell – once for each life.

Saturday morning the farmers market held a moment of silence for the victims involved in the grand theatre shooting…and in the midst of this local tragedy, the community is remaining Lafayette strong.

People gathered with heavy hearts as they held a brief moment of silence.

Unlike today, for the past two years the ritual ringing of the bell has been a done in a celebratory spirit.Market manager Molly Richard says in light of what’s happened, the community of Lafayette couldn’t be stonger.

“Even times of tragedy. People refuse to do that. Our community comes together.”” Said Richard.

Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson lost their lives in Thursday’s shooting.

As Acadiana works to recover many find peace in fellowship.

EB Brooks, director of administration for Lafayette Central Park says the horse farm was the perfect setting for the vigil.

“This market is widely popular and a great gathering space for community members to come together and celebrate what we love about our community and our culture, and i think that it’s a really fitting place to have a tribute like this today.”” Said Brooks.

Lafayette city-parish President Joey Durel was on vacation when the shooting happened.

Durel says he is proud of the community’s positive reaction, but not surprised.

He says Acadiana is a community that knows how to survive.

“The first three or four cultures that settled this part of the state had to assimilate just to survive. This community does come together under extreme circumstance like this. and we will do that again .”” Said Durel.

Richard adds that the famers market and the horse farm is open to anyone in need of support.

“The horse farm for a lot of people is a place of comfort, is a place of solitude. So if that brings your heart peace, come walk under the oaks. Spend some time out away from the noise of everything. That’s what this place is here for.”” Said Richard.

Today was one step forward in the healing process for our city.


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