Fire caused by lightning causes damage to one local home

A local family, the Barras household, was struck by lightning around 12:30 AM on Thursday.

The family was not expecting for something like this to happen in their Carencro home of 15 years. The family of five and their dogs are all safe and no one was hurt. Summer thunderstorms are typical with temperatures in the 90’s and with also so much instability in the atmosphere because of the warmth.

Brent Barras was woken up by his entire family after the house was hit. He says he usually hears water running from the air conditioner and he noticed more water running than normal. Barras says he got up and went into the attic to check to see if there was water coming in into the attic through the roof, and that’s when he saw the fire caused by the lightning. Barras used his fire extinguisher to contain the flames while waiting a short period for the fire departments of Lafayette, Scott, and Carencro to arrive.

The Barras’ residence was hit by a Cloud-To-Ground Lightning strike in their attic. Lightning tends to follow the path of least resistance. Brent says a fire chief told him that more fires start at the bottom and spread quickly as they rise. Barras recalls that this fire was at the peak so that’s why it started to slowly work its way down.

The lightning strike caused quite the damage to the Barras home, including holes in the attic, various leaks throughout the house and fallen shingles. The family’s laptops and gaming consoles were also fried. They also say some lights that used to work and are now not working. Mrs. Barras did mention that a light that had been broken is now working after the lightning strike.

Some ways you can stay safe at home during a lightning storm is by not using electrical appliances during the storms that are plugged into an outlet. A way to keep appliances safe is by using surge protectors. It is also good to be prepared in case that there is a fire to have a fire extinguisher.

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