VIDEO: Teacher speaks about surviving Grand Theatre shooting

Former Teacher, and current Jeanerette Senior High librarian shares her story about surviving the Grand Theater shooting in front of a crowd of almost 3,000 people at the Crossroads Church in Lafayette. Photo courtesy: KLFY News 10

Jenna Meaux, a victim of last week’s shooting is now speaking out.

With tears in her eyes she tells her story:

“The movie has started about fifteen minutes in, we heard three loud gun shots. So we instantly got down on the ground and that’s when I felt a bullet go through the side of my leg and exit the other side of my leg.”

Meaux and her friend Ali Martin, a fellow teacher, were at the Grand Theatre last Thursday for a fun girl’s night out. That evening soon turned into one they would never forget.

“As I crawled, I was praying because I really thought he was going to shoot me in the back of the head as I crawled on the ground. So, I prayed and I didn’t know if I could walk, but as I rounded a corner I was able to stand and run towards the front exit. And, out there waiting for me were five, six of God’s angles taking off jackets and scarves, making tourniquets for me and keeping me calm. I remember one lady kissing my cheek and telling me it’s going to be ok.”

Meaux is a librarian at Jeanerette Senior High School and lives in New Iberia.

“We weren’t supposed to go to Lafayette. We normally go to New Iberia. We go eat out there go to the movies. But we decided we wanted to go eat at Zea that night. It’s tight by the movie theatre so that’s where we ended up. That’s where we were supposed to be.”

Many lives were changed that night.

Meaux says it gave her a new outlook on life. “So many people are looking at the evil that was in the theatre that night, but I saw just so many instances of God’s presence. He protected and spared my life and that just tells me he’s not finished with me yet.”

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