Attorney general criticizes new EPA emissions rule

Photo: CBS News

BATON ROUGE — Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell issued the following statement today after President Obama announced that a new EPA carbon-emissions rule has been finalized. Attorney General Caldwell has opposed the rule since it was initially proposed because it may damage the Louisiana economy and cost billions to utility ratepayers.

“President Obama’s new EPA regulation sets an unattainable standard that will lead to fewer jobs and higher utility bills,” Attorney General Caldwell said. “This plan will force many coal-fired power plants to shut down, and it will undermine the stability of our national power grid. A national carbon dioxide standard ignores the needs of each state and adds a layer of costly, burdensome federal regulation where none is warranted.”

Louisiana and 25 other states already filed a lawsuit in an effort to preemptively block the rule prior to finalization, but that suit was dismissed by an appeals court that required challenges to wait until after the rule is finalized. Attorney General Caldwell said he would re-file the legal challenge next month when the final rule is expected to be published in the Federal Register.

Attorney General Caldwell, a Republican, is a member of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA). Caldwell has been meeting with his GOP counterparts in RAGA in West Virginia this week to discuss how states can work together to fight burdensome and unconstitutional federal overreach.

“There have been far too many instances in the last few years of federal government decisions that negatively impact Louisiana, from this flawed EPA rule to the Obama administration’s unconstitutional plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants,” Attorney General Caldwell said. “I will continue to work with other attorneys general to protect our State against these overreaching federal actions.”

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