Braxton Moody wants judge recused over burger flap

Photo credit: The Daily Advertiser

A man jailed last week for shooting the car of his ex-wife’s boyfriend wants the judge removed from his case because of a disagreement years ago over competing burger businesses.

Braxton Moody IV, 66, was arrested and charged July 30 with drive-by shooting assault and aggravated criminal damage to property. He is accused of firing into a parked car belonging to Dr. J. Lee Leonard III of Lafayette.

On Monday, Moody’s attorney Lawrence Billeaud of Lafayette filed a motion to remove Judge Rick Michot from the case.

In the court document, Billeaud wrote that Michot contacted Moody complaining that the Moody family’s burger business broadcast a television commercial using Michot’s music for background music without Michot’s permission.

As a result, Billeaud wrote, the Moodys paid an unspecified amount of money to Michot and/ or his family for the use of the music.

During the telephone call, Billeaud alleged that Michot told Moody he wasn’t happy the Moodys opened Burger King restaurants in Lafayette in competition with Burger Chef restaurants Michot’s father owned.

Billeaud further alleged that Michot should be removed from the case because he is biased or prejudiced against Moody.

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